JBS has just completed its first eTwinning project, empowering students through "Women´s Fundamental Rights".

Collaborating with three other European schools (Croatia, Spain and Turkey), students of class 9fm gained diverse perspectives on human rights issues during a three-month eTwinning project from April to June 2023.

Our first video-call

In our first zoom-meeting we introduced ourselves and set the first steps for this wonderful project. We were all excited about this new way of learning!

First zoom meeting

Picture: Our first zoom call with all European students (March 2023)


Where are the other European schools located on the map?

Check on the link below


Click on the different countries to get more information about the different schools.


How did we work together?

Depending on the tasks to be accomplished, we either worked in national or international teams. We met online after school and worked on our powerpoints or eBooks.

At the very beginning, we presented our schools to each other, designed logos for our project, and later on we did intense research on "Women's Fundamental Rights", ending up with presenting our results in the video calls.

During our research we explored women's fundamental rights and understood their importance for our society. We were able to work and learn online, which is important for today's digital age. It also encouraged us to become more active citizens by learning more about human rights violations and to be more critical.

Above all, we made new friends in Europe and are still in touch.

Together we created this digital book using "BookCreator" focussing on the topic of our project "Inspiring women in history and today". Each team presented their inspiring women during another video call.

Inspiring women presentation

      Picture: Marlene Reiher (9fm) presenting the results of the research of her team on "Inspiring women in your own culture"  


If you are curious about seeing the final eBook, please click on the link below.


eBook final

Teachers' final statement about this project

The collaborative work with the other teachers was essential in designing our strategies, providing clear instructions to students, reflecting on progress, and managing time efficiently. Our collective efforts contributed to the real success of this project.


"This eTwinning project made a lasting impact on us, this new way of learning will change our school"


What´s next?

JBS has plans for more eTwinning projects in the upcoming academic year to continue empowering our students' young minds and promoting global citizenship.


Students (9fm): Norah Wille, Moritz Strang, Marlene Reiher, Johanna Kabsch, Johanna Larusson, Siri Kruse, Judith Siepmann, Jamie Lindemann

Tutors: Cristina Costa Thiele