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Same entertaining procedure as every year...

We had a day of English plays provided by the touring company The Phoenix Theatre. On 25 April, year 5 watched “The Banana Gang”, year 9 “Furious Games” and year 10 and above “Hamlet”. The two actors not only played the three shows but also answered students’ questions at the end.

To give you an idea of how it was like, here is a report for “The Banana Gang”:

“I really enjoyed the play. It was very funny. What I liked the most in the play was how Smiley was represented because he is a funny gangster. Furthermore, it was great to see kids from the audience on stage. In the show, there were only two actors. It’s really impressive that they can jump in so many different characters. Moreover, I liked that they were singing and dancing in the show. The stage design and the sound effects they used were great. The actors were very friendly and answered all questions patiently. They explained us that they are going to different schools every day and perform several plays. The complete tour lasts eleven months and I would love joining them for one day.” 

Marlene, 5a

But not only students had a great day:

“What a wonderful day it was at your school! James and Imogen were very impressed with your pupils and reported that everyone had a great energy and focus for the plays. It is always good to hear when pupils are so engaged. Please thank the pupils for their involvement. We hope to see them next year.” 

Kristi-Anne Seth, Producer & Artistic Director of The Phoenix Theatre


Thanks to the Verein der Freunde to make the ticket costs bearable and to Mrs Löbner for organising this school event.

English Department JBS